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University of California, Davis
ASIS Terms of Use

Welcome to the Academic Senate Information System or "ASIS" (the "Site"), which is operated by the Academic Senate office as a service to Academic Senate members. Please carefully read these Terms of Use. Your use of the system indicates your agreement to these terms.

Terms of Use:

  1. This is a secure Site for use only by Academic Senate members and representatives to Senate councils and Committees at the Davis Division for the limited purpose of receiving information consistent with the official business of the Academic Senate. You may not log on for or as another person. You may not furnish or otherwise permit or provide access to the information available through the Site to any other person or to any other office or place. You may not use or permit anyone to use the information or any part thereof for any purpose other than as expressly permitted above.
  2. You must take reasonable security precautions to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the information made available through the Site. The Senate office is not responsible for breaches of security caused by an individual's disclosure of password(s) or information, whether or not intended.
  3. All matters relating to your access to and use of the Site shall be governed by the laws of the United States, the State of California and all applicable rules, regulations and policies of the University of California.
  4. You understand and agree that usage of this Site may be monitored by the Senate Office to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use. The Senate Office may terminate access to the Site at any time.

By using the system, you agree: (1) that you have read the terms stated above; (2) you understand the terms stated above; (3) you agree to abide by all of the terms stated above.